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The Importance Of Having An MC At Your Wedding

SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles

The Importance Of Having An MC At Your Wedding

The Importance Of Having An MC At Your Wedding 275 100 Andrew Macht

SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles


A marriage is a milestone in your life. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is not a “dress-rehearsal”. Every element is important, from the music, to the flowers, and, of course, the menu.

Often forgotten is the Master of Ceremonies. Many brides and grooms that I have met with actually have not considered having an MC. I would say (in general) most people think for their wedding entertainment they have two options: a DJ or a Band.

Can you make a great movie without a great director?

I remember being a guest at a wedding in San Diego, some years ago. I remember gripping my chiavari with both hands during the entire first section of this wedding. It was so hard for me to watch the DJ (who was very talented) during all of the entrances. This particular couple had arranged with him for each member of the bridal party to come in to a different song. When introducing the honored guests it is important for your DJ/MC to be present on the dancefloor and inspiring your guests to participate.

How do you do that and change the music for every entrance song? It was so painful for me to watch him struggle so much. It took everything for me not to grab the microphone and help this poor chap. However, I was given very specific instructions by the Bride & Groom that “this time” I have to be a guest and I am not allowed to “work”. What my sweet friends neglected to realize is that this is not work for me. If there was an MC dedicated to crowd motivation, coordinating and inspiration and a DJ who just focused on mixing awesome music then this wedding would have went from being great, to being flawless.

The addition of a great MC can turn your event into a polished, clean, seamless experience for you and your guests. Even if you have a band booked for your entertainment; adding an experienced MC can help keep your event moving and allow the band to just focus on what they do best. Playing great music.