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Experience The Spotlight Simcha!

Whether you are celebrating virtually, or a hybrid of guests in person and remote, our team will help you create an atmosphere filled with personal touches and human interaction.

Don’t let your special day feel like just another “zoom” service.  Have the experience your family deserves!

A Personal Touch

SpotlightLA provides an engaging MC and qualified tech support to your celebration. We welcome guests, help them participate, play games, and enrich the experience.

We help you with any music, graphics, videos, questions, and make sure you can enjoy your special day without dealing with technical headaches.

In addition to the Event MC, we provide a whole team of professionals off camera to ensure you have the perfect celebration.

– Event MC
– Production Director
– Technical Support

Welcome Your Guests

Our MC’s will welcome your guests as they sign in, just like a party when the doors to your event open. They are greeted with music and a photo or animation that highlights the guest of honor.