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Game On. E3 2013

Game On. E3 2013

Game On. E3 2013 1000 667 Andrew Macht

E3 Alumni SpotlightLA were back to see the next big trends for interactive gaming experiences. We got to have some hands-on time with the new Playstation 4, Xbox One, and some of the other systems showing off new games.


Panorama of the E3 Show floor

Revamped layout of the E3 showroom.


While this year was less extravagant, the various companies still had some interesting design elements and concepts to their showroom areas.


Designs and layouts of the showroom floor

Designs and Layouts

MC Joel and VJ Andrew found their way through some of the interactive exhibits such as driving simulators, photo ops, and playing kiosks.


Driving Simulation Setups

Driving Simulation Setup


Newest addition to the Transformer family?

So… when’s it going to be a Transformer? New Stingray was awesome.



First look at the XBOX ONE.


PS4 First Look Case

PS4 First Look Case.


Super Macht Bros.

Super Macht Bros.

It comes and goes so fast. We can’t wait to bring our clients some of our new virtual game experiences this fall. Until next year!