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Digital Décor

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Digital Décor

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An event can be much more then a party. It can tell your story. Whether it’s the romance leading up to your wedding day, or how fantastic your company has done in the past year, it is your story.

A brilliant and innovative way to share your story is with Digital Décor. The evolution of event entertainment (at it’s finest) is combining a musical experience with a visual one.

Event producers like Colin Cowie and Mindy Weiss have become super-producers because their events are a feast for your senses. The success of your party hinges on a “Wow” factor combined with an intimate, warm feeling. Guests need to feel excited and taken care of from the moment your invitation or save the date arrives,  to the last dance and final hugs goodbye.

It is also important that stylish events reflect pop culture. Whether we care to admit it or not people love reality talent competition shows. Whether it’s American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance?, Dancing With The Stars or The X Factor, we are watching and rooting for someone!

Digital Décor elements have become a staple of the reality-tv talent show watching experience. Tell me the last time you watched a contestant on these shows performing to songs such as “Fire in the Rain” without screens and lights supporting the performance and enhancing the mood artistically?

SpotlightLA and it’s creators have been innovators in bringing this sumptuous visual element to live events. Creating visually appealing backgrounds during dance sets can create amazing amounts of energy, color, special effects as well as personal elements to your events.

This goes far beyond playing a music video. Of course those can be inserted, but Digital Décor should be expressed as a performance utilizing the creativity and imagination of the designers and visual jockey (VJ). Unique animated name graphics, monograms, and logos can be developed prior to your event for custom individuality. For example, if your event has a certain kind of branding, or a logo synonymous with it, we can incorporate that into the visual experience. If your invitation has a certain design (the guest of honor’s initials for example) that design can now be incorporated into our  Virtual Wall or Virtual Backdrop during the event to tie your other décor elements together beautifully.

Another great way to use digital décor is through pictures as an interactive story-telling device. Showing family photos, corporate slides, or custom photography as one element of different visuals can add incredible warmth and personalization to your event. Corporate events can use photos to highlight milestones throughout your company’s year or give special acknowledgment to those who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Digital Décor is a wonderful way to make your party both personal and thrilling. Warm and cool. Cutting edge and nostalgic all at the same time!

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