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October 2012

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Party Planning & Psychology 275 100 Andrew Macht

Party Planning & Psychology

SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles

Always with good intentions, many times people will make it harder than necessary to get their parties off the ground. There are a few key elements that are very important to be mindful of when planning parties.

I remember doing a party down in San Diego. The level of expectation for this event was very high. This was around 2004/5, when people were having some very big budget events. I think the price tag on this one came in around $300,000. So naturally, there was some tension and concern about how this one was going to go. As the MC, it is my responsibility to create lift-off and make this event come to life. This is a responsibility that (as MCs & DJs) we love, but it’s a responsibility nonetheless.

There were several production meetings, 100s of emails over the year of planning and numerous meetings and conversations to assure great results. It was never shared with me that as part of the “look” for the room that white sofas would be outlining the dancefloor. This was meant to give guests a place to sit and watch the dancing. Well, the dancing never happened. This created a barrier and blocked the dancefloor. Eventually I had to physically move some of the sofas myself. At this point the dancing started.

When planning your parties either by yourself or with your event planner keep some things in mind about set-up and psychology. Remember YOU are YOUR PARTY. As the Host and Hostess & Guest(s) of Honor, your party will go wherever you go. If you want a high-energy, rocking party … DANCE! Dance a lot!! Your guests want to be where you are. They don’t want to overshadow you. Also, when you’re deciding about your dancefloor size; keep in mind smaller is always better. People are more inclined to dance on a smaller dancefloor because it always looks crowded and your guests won’t feel inhibited or on display. Also do not create any obstacles for your guests to get to the dancefloor. Putting the dancefloor on a stage, not a good idea. Creating barriers around the dancefloor (like the San Diego Party), no good. Renting a dramatic, huge dancefloor … nope, no good. Keep in mind, if you are producing a party for teens … teens like to dance in dim lighting. They want to feel a bit more like young adults. As cool as a really bright light-up dancefloor (in theory) is; make sure it is programmable and has some dimmer settings. If it constantly illuminating the room and making it very bright, the teens at your child’s party may run away. I have seen this happen.

No matter what, you’re party will be a success if you are excited about it. Smiling, excitement, great energy, laughter, and good vibes are contagious. These are the most important ingredients always. However, these other little tricks will help support your party and assure it will take flight and soar!

Warm Regards,


SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles
The Importance Of Having An MC At Your Wedding 275 100 Andrew Macht

The Importance Of Having An MC At Your Wedding

SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles


A marriage is a milestone in your life. A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is not a “dress-rehearsal”. Every element is important, from the music, to the flowers, and, of course, the menu.

Often forgotten is the Master of Ceremonies. Many brides and grooms that I have met with actually have not considered having an MC. I would say (in general) most people think for their wedding entertainment they have two options: a DJ or a Band.

Can you make a great movie without a great director?

I remember being a guest at a wedding in San Diego, some years ago. I remember gripping my chiavari with both hands during the entire first section of this wedding. It was so hard for me to watch the DJ (who was very talented) during all of the entrances. This particular couple had arranged with him for each member of the bridal party to come in to a different song. When introducing the honored guests it is important for your DJ/MC to be present on the dancefloor and inspiring your guests to participate.

How do you do that and change the music for every entrance song? It was so painful for me to watch him struggle so much. It took everything for me not to grab the microphone and help this poor chap. However, I was given very specific instructions by the Bride & Groom that “this time” I have to be a guest and I am not allowed to “work”. What my sweet friends neglected to realize is that this is not work for me. If there was an MC dedicated to crowd motivation, coordinating and inspiration and a DJ who just focused on mixing awesome music then this wedding would have went from being great, to being flawless.

The addition of a great MC can turn your event into a polished, clean, seamless experience for you and your guests. Even if you have a band booked for your entertainment; adding an experienced MC can help keep your event moving and allow the band to just focus on what they do best. Playing great music.


SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles
Build A Relationship With Your MC and Their Company 275 100 Andrew Macht

Build A Relationship With Your MC and Their Company

SpotlightLA Event Coaching DJ Entertainment Los Angeles

Every event is different. Every event is special. Every event is unique. However, when you and your family are on a circuit of attending local parties (every weekend) sometimes it can be a challenge to individuate from the masses.

So much time, consideration, thought, energy, creativity, effort and planning goes into producing a “Once in a lifetime event”. So how do you make yours different? How do you “stand out from the crowd”? How do you make sure that all of your efforts are not made in vein!?

One of the ways is by creating a strong relationship with your Master of Ceremonies and the team him or her works with. As a performer for over 25 years and with over 15 years of experience as an MC having real FACETIME with my clients is one way to make your party explode with energy and magic!

These parties are ABOUT YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Not about who is on the Microphone. For Example: if there is an introduction for a parent, grandparent or for the guest of honor and I can say a little something that is specifically about that person; it redirects the energy back to family of honor. Creating intimacy and highlighting the personal connection we all have. Also, if you care about me and I care about you then the chances of us all working together to make sure the results are outstanding for your party are much greater.

Also, take the time to get to know the office staff of your entertainment company. It is important for you to know that when you hire an MC, you hire his or her whole family. Similar to what they say when you get married. You marry “the whole family”. It is important to know that if your MC is unavailable for a chat, that you can call his or her office and speak with a representative there. You want to feel comfortable with the entire staff. It takes a village to raise a great party!